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My novels are published by RavenHill Publishing LLC and are available on 
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FOUNDING A NATION: DIARY OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION-Pairing up with settler Hank MacElrae in 1836, the inimitable Bostonian Hawk Banks sets off in quest of adventure on the Plains of Texas. A distinctly incompatible pair, the two manage to craft an incongruous friendship, and enduring all manner of perilous events, they somehow succeed in becoming the unlikeliest of heroes acclaimed for Founding a Nation.

THE STARRY MESSAGE: GALILEO'S LOST PROPHECY - The discovery of Galileo's lost message by the Italian Contessa Antonietta Floridiana three and a half centuries after his passing initiates her search for the solution to The Starry Message, and enlisting the aid of American Professor Paul Woodbridge, she sets off on a journey across Italy in search of the solution to the cryptic verse. Transporting the reader across space and time, the storyline moves seamlessly between seventeenth century and modern-day Italy in a series of events that increasingly intertwine the lives of Galileo, the Professor, and the Contessa. As each discovery by the modern-day pair builds on the previous one, they are increasingly drawn into a complex web of intrigue, danger, and intricate scientific revelations. Ultimately, deciphering the writing of a long-dead genius becomes the challenge of a lifetime for the Contessa and the Professor.

The Sutherland Saga - A SERIES of six Interconnected novels-Set against the backdrop of world-changing events of the twentieth century, the saga traces the travails of the Earls of Winston and their loved ones.  Having been awarded the Earldom of Winston by King James the First, the ancestral home of the Sutherland family is located at Wharton Manor in Gloucestershire, England. 

Each novel unfolds in a turbulent period of the twentieth century, and as the participants become acquainted lifelong relationships are formed, thereby leading inexorably back to the Earldom.  Increasingly complex mysteries develop in each of the novels, eventually resulting in murder, mayhem, and world-changing events.  In the end, the Earldom of Winston will be at the root of some of the most heinous events of the century.

INCARCERATION-On the eve of World War I, two young ladies meet fellow students Robert and Alastair at a pub in Edinburgh. Little do they know that Robert is the heir to an Earldom, and although the future seems bright, the outbreak of war in the summer of 1914 will dash all their hopes and dreams.

ENDURANCE-On the eve of the Battle of Britain a farewell party is held by the Earl of Winston, and though World War II will subsequently intervene, events of that night will echo down through time, irrevocably altering the lives of the attendees.  Unfairly maligned, one woman will persevere.
FORBEARANCEE-When future Earl Trevor Sutherland induces a fellow student to perform at a birthday party, it leads to a heinous crime. Her subsequent disappearance will lead Trevor on a decade long descent into despair, one fraught with intrigue, deception, and murder.  Ultimately, he comes to the realization that enlisting is his only means of salvation.

ABDUCTION-When college student Patience Walker is kidnapped on a cold winter’s night, her life is changed forever. Having met her on that very day, Professor Brandt MacCauley takes on the challenge of finding Patience. His two-decade-long quest will have global implications.

MISCONCEPTION-On completing his first year at Harvard, Scotsman Sloan Stewart begins the summer of 1941 working at an inn with his friends James, Isolde and Sabrina. But personal entanglements inevitably lead to a shocking event, one that will transform each of them irrevocably through war, peace, and ultimately, the entire course of their lives.  

RESTORATION-When new student  Elspeth makes friends at The University of Edinburgh, little does she know that it will lead to world-changing events spanning a quarter of a century.  But Elspeth is on a mission, and her quest for answers will span four continents, in the process altering the course of history.
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Dante's Deliverance
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